Cisco Land Mobile Radio over IP

 Cisco Land Mobile Radio over IP Solution


          In typical LMR systems, a central dispatch console or base station controls communications to the disparate handheld or mobile units in the field. The systems might also employ repeaters to extend the range of communications for the mobile users. LMR systems can be as simple as two handheld units communicating between themselves and a base station over preset channels. Or, they can be quite complex, consisting of hundreds of remote units, multiple dispatch consoles, dynamic channel allocation, and other elements.

         A Land Mobile Radio (LMR) system is a collection of portable and stationary radio units designed to communicate with each other over predefined frequencies. They are deployed wherever organizations need to have instant communication between geographically dispersed and mobile personnel. Typical LMR system users include public safety organizations such as police departments, fire departments, and medical personnel. However, LMR systems also find use in the private sector for activities like construction, building maintenance, and site security.